The Magpies Nest


The Magpie's Nest, BBC-award-winning London folk club and music promoter, has from January 2012 developed into two new and autonomous organisations.

Please see below for further details on our new enterprises, and click through to the respective websites for upcoming gigs and more information.

The Nest Collective

‘The Nest Collective' will be run by promoter and musician Sam Lee, and will continue to run events in venues across London, including our Old Queen's Head home but also focusing on site-specific pieces, themed events, and the promotion of both British and world folk music within our contemporary music scene as well as new festival platforms and stages. "I have loved working with Joe and look forward to future collaborations. This is a great opportunity to develop a new and open remit in how folk music exists in our changing landscape and contest classic views on how and where this music should exist" said Sam.

Two For Joy

Two For Joy, run by Joe Buirski, will focus on hosting collaborative events in London and tours across the country, Fire in the Mountain Festivals (Wales and the Lake District), the Global Local project, and bespoke festival commissions at leading mainstream music festivals. Joe commented "The work of the Magpie's Nest over the last six years has far exceeded all initial expectations and ambitions, and has opened up unimaginable possibilities. This exciting step in it's evolution is essential to fully explore the new possibilities and works that have branched out and outgrown the original concept of The Magpie's Nest."


Established in March 2006 as a monthly event at the Old Queen's Head on Essex Road, The Magpie’s Nest has grown exponentially in scope, remit and in nature becoming known for quality traditional and roots music events throughout London and across national and international festivals. The Magpie’s Nest has been privileged to have discovered and fostered such a wealth of talented musicians, bands, and such a resurgent interest in folk and traditional music, that continued expansion was inevitable.


From 2012 The Magpie's Nest will grow again, giving rise to two new organisations, 'The Nest Collective' and 'Two For Joy', to further explore and develop the work and legacy of the musical journey so far taken. Two new websites, new venues, new festivals, new commissions, and double the capacity of The Magpie's Nest to continue its work. Both organisations will formally launch publicly on 3rd January 2012.

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